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Restrap City Stem Bag Black [Folding Bikes Compatible]

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The 1 Litre City Stem Bag fits any folding bicycle.
Made from tough waterproof fabrics, it provides a simple solution for carrying a water bottle, snacks or other accessories. The bag moves with the stem and does not impact the folding mechanism of the bike. Hand made in our Yorkshire workshop, all bags are finished with the classic Restrap label, made from vegan-friendly PU.

MATERIALS - Specially developed combination of technical materials like VX21 and 1000D textured nylon work in conjunction with coated nylon linings to keep the worst of the elements at bay.

VEGAN FRIENDLY - Our signature brown Restrap label may look like leather but fear not - no animals have been harmed in the making of our products. PU leather or heat-pressed labels mean our kit not only looks great, but is cruelty free too.

FOLDING COMPATIBLE - Seamless integration with the Brompton bicycle allows unhindered use of the folding mechanism without the need to remove any bags.


  • Dimensions - 110mm(W) x 280mm(H) x 60mm(D)
  • Weight - 120g
  • Capacity - 1L
  • Materials - Cordura VX21 and 1000D textured Nylon