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Restrap City Bar Bag Black [Folding Bikes Compatible]

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Designed to fit the M and H style Brompton handlebars, the 1.2 Litre City Bar Bag is made from tough fabrics and is tape sealed - making it completely waterproof.
Perfect for carrying keys, phone and wallet.
Hand made in our Yorkshire workshop, all bags are finished with the classic Restrap label, made from vegan-friendly PU.

MATERIALS - Specially developed combination of technical materials like VX21 and 1000D textured nylon work in conjunction with coated nylon linings to keep the worst of the elements at bay.

VEGAN FRIENDLY - Our signature brown Restrap label may look like leather but fear not - no animals have been harmed in the making of our products. PU leather or heat-pressed labels mean our kit not only looks great, but is cruelty free too.

FOLDING COMPATIBLE - Seamless integration with the Brompton bicycle allows unhindered use of the folding mechanism without the need to remove any bags.


  • Dimensions - 160mm(W) x 150mm(H) x 50mm(D)
  • Weight - 134g
  • Capacity - 1.2L
  • Materials - Cordura VX21 and 1000D textured Nylon