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Cyclone Chee

Festive Cat - Cyclone Chee Japanese Handmade Cycling Cap

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Very cute cats with a Japanese atmosphere.
Not only the cheeks and the drum, but also the pattern of the drum skin is a cat. Everything is cute and irresistible!

The main body is single layered and thin so that he won't feel bulky when worn under a helmet or cask
The anti-sweat part uses functional materials that are antibacterial, deodorizing, UV-cut, and quick-drying.
There are individual differences in the amount of sweat, but
I was able to concentrate on the ride without worrying about the sweat in my eyes even on a hill climb in midsummer!

And after wearing it for a day, I muster up the courage to sniff the cap doesn't stink! !

The short brim has just the right amount of elasticity and won't break or crack even when squeezed.
Even if you sweat a lot, if you put it in the net, you can wash it in the washing machine and keep it clean!

She's cute, charming and she does a good job.
Would you like to accompany the ride?
The body is made of cotton, and the sweatband is made of polyester.

NOTE! Each piece is uniquely handmade and patterns may not correspond exactly as shown in product pictures.

  • 4 Panel Cap
  • 100% Cotton Body with Polyester Sweatband
  • Handmade in Shonan, Japan

  • Due to handmade nature of cap, 
    brim graphic may differ from images shown.

  • S(54cm-57cm)
  • M(57cm-60cm)
  • L(60cm-63cm)

Handmade Cotton Cycling Caps from Shonan, Japan. Cyclone Chee makes unique prints with very comfortable cotton materials sourced locally. Every cap is different and limited in numbers especially with the handmade quality. Its hard not to fall in love with the unique styles, beautiful patterns and colors produced.